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China shipping database provides comprehensive shipping related data. Free registration to membership allows you to get access to more accurate industry data. VIP membership will enjoy: membership privileges, priority right to data and optimized data query

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China shipping database

China shipping database

China Shipping Database, operated by Shanghai International Shipping Institute, is an information public service platform integrating data and other information resources regarding China shipping and port industry. We envision providing a one-stop data service to maritime-related government agencies, shipping and port companies, research and education institutions.

The database platform, with multiple data sources and collection means, provides a full array of accurate and reliable data latest available via easy, efficient and enriched user experience characterized by optimal classified index and storage, iQuery, shipping iSearch, complete collection of shipping indices, intelligent decision-making support system, etc.

With an attempt to classify related data in a scientific way and sort out their correlations, the database focuses on China shipping and port related data, which constitutes a brand new option for domestic shipping and port industry players to facilitate their decision-making and research. It is our shared view that an international maritime capital features not only a gathering point of capital, flow of goods and talents, but an information hub highlighting the flow of information and an enabling environment for research as its soft power, to which Shanghai International Shipping Institute will exert every effort to contribute with our China Shipping Database. ..




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